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Endometriosis / Reproductive Surgery

Welcome to AAGL’s specialty page dedicated to minimally invasive surgeons with a focus on endometriosis and reproductive surgery.

The 2018 Goals of this SIG are:

This has been neglected in this SIG despite the title – and should be promoted or removed from the title. The ASRM Committee opinion on the role of reproductive surgery in the era of assisted reproductive technology (2012) defines a role for laparoscopic reproductive surgery in the case of:
      a. Good prognosis distal tubal blockage – Laparoscopic neosalpingostomy
      b. Proximal tubal occlusion – hysteroscopic canalization
      c. Reversal of sterilization – laparoscopic anastomosis
The time is opportune for AAGL to take the leadership role in re-establishing and retraining the next generation of reproductive surgeons to fill this void in Fertility treatment – which is currently only IVF in these diagnoses.
      a. Encourage the adoption of TVUS as the gold standard for pre-operative triage in endometriosis before surgery. Establish standards to credential Endometriosis/DIE US among the AAGL centers of excellence. This modality is now established in numerous countries except the USA
      b. Surgeon credentialing by video review.
      c. Start an AAGL registry of DIE surgery and outcome.
A renewed interest in surgery by laparoscopy is emerging with sporadic reports. Good data is needed to assess this with pregnancy outcome.
4. SIG PG Course.
I propose:
      1. How to evaluate the fallopian tube and perform effective surgery in the era of ART
      2. Deep infiltrative endometriosis (DIE) – reproducibility of US exam
      3. DIE – how to approach successfully for the emerging laparoscopic gyn. Surgeon
      4. DIE – ultra deep dissection – how and when
      5. IVF and DIE surgery – which comes first?
I have faculty in mind who are superior at the above topics from my personal observation.


SIG Leadership
Iris Orbuch
Charles Miller
Charles Koh
Immediate Past Chair

Board Members: Mark Dassel, Cara King

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